Name: Enchanter
Price: 13.99 5.60 USD

Kit Information

This kit will give you various enchanter tools that will do a range of different things to make custom enchantment even more awesome than it already is.

Enchanter contains:

  • 3x Mystery dust
  • 2x Scrambling Rune
  • 1x Protection Crystal
  • 1x Black Scroll
  • 1x White Scroll
  • 1x Basic Enchantment Book
  • 1x Rare Enchantment Book
  • 1x Legendary Enchantment Book
  • 1x Divine Enchantment Book
  • 1x Immortal Enchantment Book
  • 1x 500 LVL BOOSTER
  • 64x Exp Bottle
  • 3x Enchantment Table
  • 3x Brewing Stand
  • 32x Anvil
  • 5x Rename Tag

    Kit come with a cooldown.
    Once you've used the kit, you cannot do so again for another ten days.